Welcome to Eden’s Promise

Howdy Partner and salutations. // Greetings new meat.

Welcome to Eden’s Promise. Please take the time to read through all of our options and lore before submitting an application.

We’re a wholly new type of place to roleplay: combining elements of sci-fi dramas to make a unique place for people to explore and play. While we pull inspiration from shows like Westworld, Deadwood, The 100, and The Hunger Games, we are not any one of them, but a culmination with a heavy dash of our own creative flair to create this dystopian world. As much as we all would like to “saddle on up and get goin’ “, it is important that you understand the world you’re walking into.

We invite you to read through the Lore and player options as well as take a walk through the sim to get an idea of what we’re all about.

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