Character help and Applications

Need an idea?

Not sure where to start? We know the lore can be so full of ideas that you’re left not knowing which way to go. So we’ve come up with some suggestions for characters:

1. A clone coming to town to strike it rich. Looking to set up a small store and participate in the local economy.

2. A Wastelander who has traveled from far off lands to come see the Dome. Wanting to start fresh with new prey.

3. A clone slave who has run away from the Dome in search of finding a sense of freedom in the dangerous wastes. / A slave of the wastes wanting a better life in the Dome.

4. A swindler looking to scam easy pickings off of either side. Could be a clone or a wastelander, traveling between the two with ‘honest’ sales.

5. A mercenary, helping merchants from either side travel to the other. Protection comes at a cost though.

The ideas are limitless and picking one side or the other doesn’t limit you to that side. Traveling between them is a welcome part of roleplay!


Applications are available in world at the landing point. Please turn them in to either Tealeanna Mistwood or Jada Avro.

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