Clones and Traveling

Meeting a Clone outside of the Dome

While not a common sight to see, it does occur. They often will be recognizable by the odd clothing they wear and how clean they look. It is your choice how you handle one, but don’t expect friendly. They don’t. To them, Grounders are Savages and will likely treat you as such.

What you know about Clones

Grounders are NOT aware that people within the Dome are clones. They showed up about ten years ago and began to build the Dome. Perhaps you participated in the early fighting with them. Perhaps you witnessed space carriers coming from the sky once upon a time and believe they come from above. Maybe you came from another place and happened across the Dome with no understanding of who or what it was. The point is: call them what you want, but no Grounder knows that Dome-Dwellers are clones.

Going into the Dome

The Dome isn’t foolproof. There are breeches and ways to get in. Ten years of this would have made Grounders plenty aware of both the breeches and what they needed to do to enter without detection.

Grounders would likely disguise themselves to enter without hindrance. Why would they want to?

  1. Freshwater and better food.
  2. Gunpowder.
  3. Spying.
  4. Kidnapping / Rescue.

If you elect NOT to alter your attire/manners Clones will notice.

While still allowed within the Dome, you are offered none of their protections.

You are considered an outsider, “Savage” and will be treated as one.

Grounders do not know pass-phrases for Clones unless they are learned in character.

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