Clones are created from Originators (People who live on the space station), they are the people designed to live within the domes and participate in the social experiment. If you are from the Dome, you are a clone. [ * * Clones are NOT aware they are clones. Instead they call each other Neighbor or Partner, more often than not. * * ] They believe they are truly of their dome. Their memories are either fabricated, transplanted, or left to amnesia via a medallion. This medallion cannot be altered or tampered with, without killing the clone. Clones are still human and need to eat, sleep, and have all natural bodily functions.

Clones believe they are human. (Or rather, more human than they are.) They believe whatever their programmed backstory is. Born in the dome, traveled here, etc. They are completely unaware they are clones, they don’t know there is a space station watching them. They are just trying to live their best life and survive.

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