Combat and Raiding

Combat Rules

Combat is a common place event in both the Dome and Wastes.
Combat is performed in one of three ways:
Metered Combat
Roleplay Combat
Dice Combat

  1. Combat must have an initiation post.
  2. Combat pauses and it is discussed and agreed on how combat will continue.
  3. If combatants cannot agree on a style it will be Dice combat. (3/3 Health on everyone.)
  4. If a combatant doesn’t wish to fight, they must make a roll to see if they are successful in escaping.
    a. If they are, they must post out of the scene. Lingering allows for a secondary attack and must be rolled for escape again.
    b. If they are not successful, the scene continues as if they have been captured/knocked out.


The current meter used is zCS. This meter includes your money, overhead title, and an ability to track health.

We realize that not all weapons (namely guns) will work with this meter. Anything for the GM or zCS meter will read, but nothing else.

In the mean time while guns are being created for the zCS meter, we invite you to use Dice or Roleplay. (Or substitute a ranged zCS weapon for firing.)

Raiding Rules

Please be mindful that there are always NPCs around. Even if you don’t see them. You cannot just walk into an empty space and assume no one is there.
Raids may *NOT* take place without at least 3 people present on both sides of the fight. Try to keep to a 1:1 ratio unless agreed upon. 

Raiding specifically means setting up a group with the intent to wreck, pillage, and raid; typically with pre-planning. Fighting between people naturally occurring in roleplay doesn’t constitute a raid.

1. If you plan a raid, IM the leader of the group you are planning to raid. This will give a good help to both so that there is a fair fight and a good chance for some roleplay.

2. Be intent about what is being taken. “All goods” Isn’t good roleplay. Look around or ask what is there.

3. Do not raid an area that is vacant with the intent of theft without telling someone. Things that go missing are noticed.

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