Etiquette & Limits

Roleplay Etiquette

-Roleplay is a turn based activity. Please don’t skip other people’s turns or rapid fire post.
– This sim aims for semi to full paragraph posts. If you are unable to preform such, please be respectful in waiting for others to post before you do again. Expect to be waiting 5-10 minutes per person in a scene.
-Assume doors are locked and that there are people on streets/in buildings. ex. Just because the banker isn’t in, doesn’t mean it’s a free for all at the bank. An NPC guard or something would be there.
-Crimes have trails of some sort. Dead-end roleplay isn’t fun for anyone.
-Win and lose in stride.

Roleplay Don’ts:

  1. Powergaming
  2. Metagaming
  3. God-Modding

Roleplay Limits

Everyone is allowed to have limits.

As such, if you have any, please list them in your profile before roleplaying. People are not responsible for asking before hand, it is your job to inform ahead of time.

  1. While we aim to respect limits, this is an adult dark roleplay sim.
  2. If you’re made uncomfortable in a scene, privately message the person, and talk through a resolution.
  3. Any scene you are uncomfortable roleplaying may be faded to black (FtB) IF a resolution cannot be found.
    a. FtB scenes do NOT mean they didn’t happen, it simply means the two parties agree on what occurs in that time without having to actually roleplay it.
    b. Consequences must be followed through on; if you don’t want consequences, don’t act out.
  4. Please be realistic with your limits:
    No Killing, Sex, Collaring, etc. are unrealistic in this setting.
    No bestiality, Force Impregnation, or forced to RP out a gory death, etc. should be respected.

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