Grounders and Traveling

Meeting a Grounder inside the Dome

Grounders are capable of entering the dome. If they are disguised, clones may not realize.

A clone can detect that a person isn’t a clone by them acting/dressing inappropriately or failing with pass-phrases.

Clones refer to grounders as Savages and treat them as such. (This is a reference back to the Wild West motif)

Clones have a few options on how to react to meeting a Grounder/Savage: Shunning, curiosity, fear, or anger. Think about how your character would respond to an unwelcome ‘outsider.’

Traveling Outside of the Dome

Travel outside of the Dome is possible, but not often done. It is considered dangerous and ill-advised without either a large posse or know-how.

There are people that can be hired to go out into the wastelands for you. (Either independently or the Post Office.)

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