Laws and Punishment

These laws pertain to people who live within the Dome. Wastelanders coming into the dome are not protected by the laws and are subject to the brunt of whomever decides to lay out the punishment.

The dome is currently a : Democratic Society

  • All IC laws may be voted on to be repealed or changed.
  • The Mayor or Sheriff can be changed out if desired by the populace.
  • Slavery does exist within the Dome.


Currently, only two positions are voted on [Sheriff] & [Mayor]
Free men are the only ones allowed to apply for these positions.

Men are allowed to vote.
Women & Slaves are not allowed to vote.

•Land | Business | Slave Ownership:
Men & Women may own property and businesses.
Slaves are not legally allowed to own anything; May only work in businesses their owner allows.

Monogamy/Singular marriage is the standard of Eden.
Divorce is allowed.

•Drinking & Gambling:
Drinking is unrestricted and legal at any age.
Gambling houses are legal to operate.

Brothels are legal establishments; however:
Any FREE woman working for one would likely be looked down upon socially.
Slaves earning wages within a brothel wouldn’t keep the money; it would go to their owner.

All weaponry is allowed to both men and women; however, it is less common to see women with larger guns/swords.
*Please keep items as realistic as possible. A greatsword isn’t typical, but a machete would be.

Fists | Daggers | Tomahawks | Swords | Bow & Arrows | Derringers | Revolvers | Rifles | Items around them

Slaves are allowed:
Fists | Small Blades | Items around them

Duels & Self Defense:
•Duels are a part of society. They are considered honorable and cannot be charged under murder.
•Bar brawls cannot be charged with murder or assault. Bar owner may charge for damages to bar.
•Self defense covers:
a. Protecting your life.
b. Protecting your property from looters/trespassers


Crimes must be proven to the Sheriff before sentencing.
[Deputies can be male or female and would do work for the Sheriff.]

Please use the drop down options to see the punishments and jail time for each crime:

Notes on charges:

*These are standard punishments. Depending on the severity of the crime, the sentencing may be reduced or amplified by the Sheriff.

*Money talks. Crimes can be reduced or completely ‘forgotten’ with the right amount. Just don’t be surprised if the Sheriff cracks down harder for attempted bribery.

*The bigger the crime, the more likely it is to be noticed. Keep that in mind.

*If you steal something, it must be oocly made clear to the person you’ve stolen from. (If not present.) No act of theft will go unnoticed forever. Someone will realize something is missing eventually. – If you are concerned about metagaming, inform an admin and we will tell the victim what is missing without your name.

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