Laws and Slavery

These laws pertain to people who live within the Wastes or travel within it. If you are within a Faction, you must follow your Factions laws or suffer punishment by your Faction. These are regulated ICly.

The Wastes are: Anarchy

Rust Town

Rust Town is one of the few neutral areas within the Wastes. While there are no laws within Rust Town, there are accepted rules for living within it.

  • Property: Any goods (or homes within) should be left to the person that owns them.
  • Defense: If within (or a member of) Rust Town, you are expected to help defend it.
  • Fighting: Fights are to be settled outside of the gates.

The Rest of the Wastes

Grounders are survivalists with no one that directly leads nor controls them all. However, they can form factions.

a. Faction Leaders are kept in place by support or strength.
b. Faction Laws only affect those within the faction. (Or those you force.)
c. No position is promised – mutiny is a real thing.
d. Factions can offer safety and danger. Remember that.

a. There are no laws that protect you from slavery.
b. Slaves can be anyone: Male or female.
c. There is no guarantee of freedom.
d. Slaves are branded, tagged, or collared for identification purposes.
NOTE: This is not Gor nor BDSM styled slavery.
That means: no random kneeling, Gorean poses, silks, nor safe words exist as a standard.

a. You can own what you can take, keep, and protect.
b. If it is stolen, there is no law to come take it back. Hire someone.
c. While ideally, we’d like to say homes could be taken for immersion sake, since it involves Lindens, homes cannot be taken from a person without their express OOC consent. (Rental rules still apply.)

Weapons that can be scavenged or made:
Blades | Pikes | Hand Guns | Rifles | Pipe bombs*
*Materials are not easy to come by, please play fairly.

Most everyone has something to protect themselves with.
Slaves can have weapons, but mind that they don’t bite the hand that feeds.

Other Laws:
a. Theft, Assault, Rape, and Murder are all commonplace.
The only protection offered to you is your own will or someone else’s support. (Factions)
b. Drinking, Gambling, and Prostitution are not regulated.

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