The world outside is a scarred remain of what was;

Overgrown and reclaimed by nature. The year is 2220 and it’s been more than 160 years since the bombs fell. No one remembers who did it or why. There are no history books, no tales are known for truth.

What we do know is this: Descendants of people who survived the initial bomb blastings crawled out of their bunkers and shelters about 50 years ago. (Or rather, came out and were able to survive.)

They built the world back as best they could: Places like Rust Town popped up across the world. Small communities trying their best to survive against the bands of raiders and other rough types. Things had started to settle into a flow.

One morning, ten years ago, there was a loud crash and within days there was rapid movement. A dome was being erected. It was beautiful and terrifying, so large it would take days to walk around it. There was no explanation from where these people came, nor any knowledge of what the Dome could be. They were just suddenly there. The best part? They had goods: Fresh water, wholesome food, gunpowder. But those damn walls.

Now? Now they’re full of Cowboys.

There is no other word for them. Their whole set up is clean, tidy, but..dated. It was odd the first time a Wastelander made it through into the dome without looking to kill. They stepped back in time. It was even stranger when a colonist, previously killed, arose back to life some time later.

Cowboy colonists do make it out into the wastelands from time to time. Some are strong and make good trades. Others are weak and easy pickings.

For these Dome dwellers, they have done their best to find a way to live. Wanting the same thing that everyone does: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A more civilized world they are trying to create, as opposed to those of the Wastelands. Filled with businesses, elections, bar brawls, bank robberies, and the like, they are finding their way in the world just as much as those of the wastes.

You never know what you’re going to get in Eden’s Promise…

And this is where you come in:

Are you one of the few surviving descendants of Earth? A filthy grounder who follows the law they make. A pillager and cunning survivalist. A brute. A rogue.


Are you an unaware Clone? A wholly perfect image of humanity, a citizen of the dome, defending against the Savages of the post-apocalyptic hellscape. Finding Holy Providence in your ascension and creeping growth into the Wastes?

Neither side ever knowing what truly is going on. Both with only their own survival in mind.

// Please follow the tabs under Dome and Wastes to find out more about the lives of both sides of the spectrum. If you want a more in-depth lore, please read the Lore Monkey edition. Keep in mind too, you may also play an animal with the list under it’s own tab.

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