OOC Rules

These rules are expected to be followed by everyone who participates or visits Eden’s Promise / Project Eden. Ignorance of these rules doesn’t excuse you from them. By participating and joining, you agree to follow these rules.

  1. No one under the age of 18 allowed. [In character or out of character]
  2. Humans or approved animals are the only acceptable species to play.
  3. There will be no roleplay allowed on the sim until your application is approved.
  4. This is a Dark Roleplay sim. If you are uncomfortable with themes like slavery, rape, death, sexism, or similar you may not enjoy the roleplay.
  5. We expect people to be adults and to act like it.
    a. Resolve conflicts in character.
    b. Privately message and try to find a middle ground if in character isn’t working.
    c. If you cannot come to an agreement, part ways. You are not forced to roleplay with anyone.
  6. Out of character issues are to be left out of groups and discord.
  7. Dice is a welcomed part of Roleplay.
    a. Please message people around you what you are rolling for.
  8. Do not use horses on the sim unless you have
    a. Rented it / own it
    b. RP’d stealing it

Contacting an Overseer (Moderator)

This sim adheres to dark roleplay themes and as such we expect adults to act like adults. Moderator intervention should be a last resort and only for rule breaking.

If you need to contact an Overseer (Moderator) for any reason, please be sure you contact the correct one. If not, you will be directed to the correct one. Please take a moment to read over the Overseer list and be sure to know whom to contact for what purpose.

Lova (Tealeanna.Mistwood) [Lore Writer & Rental Manager]
Raven (Jada.Avro) [Sim Builder]

Titan Smilodon Jie (Titan.Footman) [Sim Owner]
Dev Scorpio [Discord Guru & Lead Disciplinary Admin]
Bob (Electra.Breil) [Moderator]
Leetah (Leetah.Jefes) [Moderator]

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