Rental Rules

Any questions or concerns about rentals are to be directed at the rental manager : Lova (Tealeanna.Mistwood) ; Also contact for the full rental list of what is available.

  1. Rentals are a privilege, not a right. Please be active and not a house lingerer.
  2. Please pay your rental on time.
    a. You have 48 hours to pay. If you do not, items will be returned and the rental will be unlocked.
    b. We are not responsible for broken items that are returned. Please be mindful of your rental times.
  3. There are no refunds on rentals.
    a. If you wish to move rentals before your time is up, we will gladly move you.
    b. The ONLY refunds that will be given are if we are at fault.
  4. We ask you remain on theme for the location you live in.
    a. Please keep ‘mailboxes’ and ‘on/offline’ boxes in your inventory. We’re aiming for immersion.
  5. Exterior items placed must remain within the bounds of your home/business.
  6. Please keep your prims within your allotted amount.
    a. You will be given a warning to reduce. If not reduced in 24 hours, items will be returned until you are within limit.
  7. “Vehicles” (Horses, Bikes, etc.) count towards your land limit, but can be left out.
    a.There are rentals specifically just for vehicles on the sim if you do not wish to have a house/business.
  8. You may not decorate someone else’s space if you have another rental on sim.
    a. if you do not have the means to decorate your space, one of our staff will gladly do so for you.
  9. You may have more than one rental – but please contact Lova first so she can combine them behind the scenes.

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