Slaves and Slavery

This is not Gor nor BDSM styled slavery

Being a slave does NOT mean that you are submissive. (Though you can be.)
This is a legal position; not a sexual one.

There are two states of slavery within the Dome: indentured servitude or permanent slavery.

What are the differences?

Indentured Servants are somewhere between free and enslaved.
They are beholden to their landowners, but:

  • Are only enslaved for a period of time and must have a contract.
  • Can own items/goods, but not property or businesses.
  • Cannot get married without landowner approval.
  • If a female servant is impregnated while under contract, the contract lengthens to cover the time she was pregnant for.

Can be:
Have contract sold | Beaten | Starved | Other similar level punishments
By their contract owners or by an approved punisher.

Cannot be:
Branded | Raped | Killed

  • They are not guaranteed breaks from work or safe working conditions. Indentured servants have been known to die from exhaustion and is not classified under murder.
  • Maintain all legal protections the same as a free person.
  • If brought under legal punishments: Their landowners must pay their monetary debts. This will add time to their original debt. They must suffer any punitive damages (Stockade time, etc.)

Permanent slaves are entirely beholden to their landowners/Masters.

  • Slaves maintain no legal protection.
  • Do not own anything.
  • Are expected to address all free people with Sir/Ma’am unless it is their owner. (Master/Mistress)

Can be:
Branded | Raped | Sold | Killed
Forced to wed another slave
Forced to breed with another slave

•Children born between free men and female slaves are not acknowledged and are considered slaves.

•Children born between a free woman and a male slave leave the male slave at risk for punishment or death. These children are acknowledged as free but are shameful for their mother. (It is best to find another man to believe it is his or claim it.)

How does one become a slave?

Indentured Servants:

  1. Moved to the dome with the monetary help/protection of another. (Backstory)
  2. Earned a debt too high to pay off.
  3. Punishment for a crime.

Permanent Slaves:

  1. Born into it. (Your background)
  2. Submitted.
  3. Punishment for a severe crime.
  4. Captured Grounder.

Job options for slaves:

•Indentured Servants are typically trained in some trade and may continue working under said trade.

•Permanent Slaves are classified into two categories, House Slaves and Working Class:
House Slaves are your nannies, farm hands, cooks, personal guard.
Working Class work in some establishment (Brothel, Shop, Fighting slave, etc.)
a. The working class is not required to work for the business owned by their owner, but with Owners approval.

Laws regarding Slaves and Slavery:

*Note to the player.

You are giving up your character’s rights by electing this role.
If you cannot handle the darker themes of roleplay, we suggest you avoid this role.

While BDSM is NOT a staple of this role, what is done behind closed doors is between your characters.

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