Technology and Clothing

Why is the construct not ‘perfect’ in terms of aesthetic and technology?

The Space Station wasn’t originally created to house people long term. It was supposed to be a place for scientists to fix pollution, overpopulation, and resource problems. It was never intended to house children. When it later became a ‘resort’ in the sky for a break from the problems of earth and more or less ended up being a housing unit for the most wealthy (As well as the scientific discovery) was education for children brought up.

Most of what was taught to the generations that followed were recollections on history books, old television shows & movies, as well as poorly remembered storytellings. Things get lost in translation. So while we (oocly) know that things aren’t perfect, ICly those on the space station really don’t know much different. The dome represents what they understand the Wild West to be like.


Technology within the dome would be limited.

a. Electricity is ‘new’: Lights can start to be seen appearing. (Wall sconces and Edison bulbs. Keep to theme.)

b. Gramophones/phonographs exist. Vinyl records of all eras work.

c. Phones do exist, but would look very old/classical.

d. Fresh filtered water is brought into homes/farms via hand pumps.


a. Horse & Buggy

b. Penny Farthing Bicycles (Or other vintage looking bicycles)


a. Medicine does exist; so does tonics and snake oil (Cocaine too.)

b. Surgeries are performed with anesthesia.

c. The idea of sterile environments and germs does exist.


While we are aiming for correctness; we understand the limits of SL. Think of this as more ‘cosplaying’ the west. Do your best! (Also may help to search not just Wild West, but Victorian, Steam punk, and Gor.)

•Knee length or longer gowns. (Unless a brothel worker)
•Cloth and leather pants are allowed if riding/working (Or tomboy.)
•Tops would have sleeves and not bare the belly.

Be mindful not to flash belly or thigh/ass is the biggest modesty point. You can show shoulders, most of your arm, knees down, etc.

•Suits of the time period
•Slacks, Vests, button up tops
•Blue jeans / Hide Vests
•Cowboy hats, Suspenders, etc.

•Clothing would still cover the body.
•Rags, worn down dresses/pants, sandals or boots.
•Collars are a must.
•May be branded like cattle.

*Note that ‘Native American’ attire would still be seen as acceptable for Clones.

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