Technology, Clothing, & Religion

Why won’t you tell us how far in the future we are so we know what Technology we can be afforded?

The reason I haven’t specified the exact year is specifically to enlist a sense of detachment from our current world. We have no way to predict the future and as such, no way to know what technologies will come forth from that. If it has a logical jump from what we currently have, use it. If it is current or older tech, it probably is out there. This isn’t futuristic sci-fi though. This is a post apocalyptic and as such, should keep a rougher sense of technologies.


Old world Tech still exists but in a much more limited capacity.
a. Electricity is run through generators, battery packs, and solar panels.
b. Ham radios & Walkie-Talkies are commonplace.
c. Radios are in use. (A station has been established.)
d. TV, Computers, etc. can be repaired to functioning states;
no grid for internet, power, or TV stations, however.
e. Clean running water doesn’t come into homes. It must be collected and filtered.

a. Bicycles.
b. Horses.
c. Skateboards / roller blades
d. Motorcycle / Scooter. [Electric. There is no gasoline left.]
[Cars are too damaged and require too much energy to use reasonably.]

a. Medicine still exists but is used sparingly.
b. Survival sometimes means letting someone die.
c. Sterile environments are harder to come by.


  • Attire is functional and more modern in style.
  • Most clothing would be dirty, tattered, or mended/handmade.
  • There is no regulation on what sort of attire.
  • Slaves must wear some form of identification. [Collar, tag, etc.]


  • Religion of the old world are rarely seen in force anymore. Two people could claim the same religion and believe absolutely different things.
  • Religions / Cults are welcome to be created. Your family’s history in their bunker leaves a lot of interpretation and wiggle room for such.
  • Desire not to engage in religious activity is absolutely valid.

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