The Dome

What is the Dome and how does it function?

There are two active domes;

The first dome is for social experimentation. This is where the clones live, interact, and are monitored. The dome is weather controlled and protects the clones from radiation storms, unpredictable weather, and provides them with suitable land for crops and safe drinking water. The dome itself is constructed with high impact glass and steel. (The same they use for the space station.)

The second dome is the overseeing dome. The Overseers (Mods) are the only ones able to access this dome. This dome is used for the creation of clones, maintenance of the domes, and the tech equipment.

What is a Social Construct and what is the current one?

The Social construct idea was created to test theories on society and is the theme within the Dome. It is done to test and strain the sense of morality, social norms, and try to find the weak link in how people live. The purpose of this is to find what best suitable environment to bring space station dwellers down to. There for the social experiment dome is alterable. If the dome is deemed unsuitable, failed, or otherwise broken – it will be pulled offline and turned into another social construct.

Based off of (poorly written) history books, old television shows, and stories passed along: This current dome theme pulls from the American West. This construct was built to see if the old ways, when still ‘pure’, could be revived and directed in another way. Designed after a thriving hub for road weary travelers and modeled after picturesque Wyoming, the construct is a very busy town. People looking to come to explore the west (still clones), gold miners, and normal town folk all live within the confines of this dome.

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