The Wastes

The land beyond the Dome and anything not protected by the Dome is considered The Wastes.

The world as a whole has grown over, being taken over by mother nature once more. It is littered with the ruins of the world past, debris scattered through tree filled roads. The land is entirely ruled by the weather, animals, and people who reside within it. There is no order to this space. No themes, no overseers watching. The weather is unpredictable and radiation storms are still a reality.

There are two bomb craters near the dome: a scarred reminder of what had occurred 150ish years ago. No one knows who set the bombs off. There are rumors that Russia, China, North Korea, even the USA set them off first. But the true story to who and why was lost in the sands of time.

*An ooc note: I will not specify what occurred specifically to keep an air of mystery. Please feel free to assume ICly however.

Notable Places within the Wastes

Rust Town

Rust Town is a small place within the wastes that is treated like a neutral territory. While still anarchy in tradition, there are some noted differences. This place is surrounded by ramshackle walls and filled with small red domiciles. If you are unsure if you’re in rust town, read the rental boxes for addresses.


There are several bunkers scattered across the Wastes, but there is a sizeable one below ground with many entrances. This spaces houses many singular bunkers for people to rent and claim ancestory from if they like.

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