Lore Monkey Edition

Man never changes: Unable to look forward on the destructive path they were leading, unable to learn from the past and the mistakes that lead them to where they were, the world continued to decay past the point of no return. Companies continued to pump chemicals into the air, water, and land while no one tended to the needs of the populace. Scrimmages for resources and power was commonplace in this failing world. Countries tried far too late to fix problems centuries in the making, but still, they tried.

The major world leaders came together and put aside their differences for a common goal: to build a space center. The hope was, by putting the best and brightest minds in space, that the problems of Earth could be solved in a way that kept nationalities, pride, and greed out of it. But humankind doesn’t work that way. An elite class of people were able to buy their way onto the space center. It became less of a scientific discovery module and more of a luxury class cruiser with the wealthiest media, political, and influencers aboard. It was the last hope for a dying world.

Those aboard woke one day to Earth on fire. No one was sure who had set the bombs off; nor what triggered the final blow that had lead to the destruction of the little blue planet. There are rumors that Russia, China, North Korea, even the United States of America set them off first. But the true story to who and why was lost in the sands of time. Around 2,000 people on that space station were all that was left of mankind.

It had been roughly 150 years since that day, generations had been born and died in the space center. It became a proper functioning second Earth but overpopulation was starting to creep in. Resources were abundant, but room to grow wasn’t.

Determined to bring man back to Earth, the council leaders of the station held meetings. And through long debates decided, that testing with technologies they had advanced on the space station, they could bring man back down. There was still time to test theories instead of involving all of the station personnel.

Thus, the idea of the dome was presented. Cloning technology had been around for decades and would supply the ability to test situations without risking any ‘real’ life. Yet, there were factions that wanted to make money on this and there was a need for funding to get it off the ground. Scientists agreed and bowed to media mogul’s to have their dreams of exploration to be turned into entertainment. It was a win-win for those on the council.

The domes would be constructed just as the scientists wanted, yet it would be turned into a game show for people in the space station to fund and watch. Betting on their own clones for amusement without ever understand what was really at risk.

It took three years for the domes to be erected and in that time, what was thought to be a barren landscape turned out to be a post-apocalyptic hell. The domes themselves could have been built in a matter of months, but with the discovery of Grounders, descendants of people who survived the nuclear holocaust, problems arose. There was no anticipation of people surviving the explosions and they were caught off guard. They constantly were fighting for the resources that the space station brought down.

Eventually, the domes were brought online and the games started. The first choices made for what that dome would be, the first interactions with outsiders, and now we’re ten years in. What will become of their games?

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